This past weekend, version 1.1 of Match Minutes FC hit the App Store. We redesigned the look for iOS 7 (while still keeping the app compatible with iOS 6), and we made some improvements based on feedback from our early users (@OssettTownAFC @CleeTownFC @MFKVYSKOV @Retfordunitedfc).

One of the most important improvements was that we fixed a crash that could occur if one of the Team Sheets was empty. We also made it easier to add a new player to a Team Sheet (the player is now added to the bottom of the sheet and is automatically selected for editing), and we made it easier to replace the name of the team on a Team Sheet (it now automatically highlights the text when that field is selected).

In the Press Box we made minor improvements to the text field for filling in your thoughts on the match. The 'X' for clearing the text now appears only when the field is not selected instead of only when the field is selected. This makes it easier to move the insertion cursor back and forth through the text while editing, without the possibility of accidentally clearing what you've typed. It now also shows which insertion mode you're in (Text vs Home vs Away). 

We've also made it easier to unlock the Supporters tab and to share a tweet about the app (at the end of each match it will ask you once if you'd like to tweet a friendly message about how we've made your life easier). We've updated the content in the Supporters tab to be (a little) clearer about the goals of our project, why we need your support, and how you can continue to be involved (for most of you who'll read this, just keep on doing what you're doing! If you're not sure, follow the example set by @ChiCityLadiesFC!).

We've also had requests for a stopwatch in the app, and buttons to make it easier to tweet special events like cards and substitutions (thanks to @FuryForce @undertheleague @sweeter1984 and @ChiCityFC for the email correspondence). For our next update we'll be thinking about how best to fit these features into the limited amount of screen space we have. In the meantime we recommend using the stopwatch that comes with the iOS Clock app.

Cheers and keep on tweeting!


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