While Match Minutes FC is for anyone who loves sharing football moments as they happen, it was born with the staff and supporters of smaller clubs in mind.

Football clubs need attention to survive. From an economic standpoint, attention leads to sponsorship and merchandise sales (hopefully enough cover operational costs). From an emotional standpoint, it's much easier for volunteers--who run grass roots clubs out of love for the game and the community--to persevere when they know that others care about the fruits of their efforts.

In the modern era, more and more attention is turning to televised broadcasts, and one must wonder if there will be any support left for local, grass roots clubs. Yet, many around the world still follow the big teams via live text commentary when they can't get to a television. Why can't they follow small clubs this way too? Well, for one thing, if a club is small enough, it might not have the resources and infrastructure in place to have a live feed running on its website and the means to update it from beside the pitch.

Thankfully, we now have Twitter. The above video shows how one passionate supporter got followers to tune into Torquay United matches from all over the world. Of course, if you try tweeting through a match yourself, you'll probably be doing it from your phone, and you'll quickly learn that it can be a challenge typing frequent updates on a small device while keeping your eyes on the action. That's why we built an app to make that easier. (It's available on iPhone for free, and will eventually be coming to other phones too.) 

Non-League Day is coming up on Saturday Sept 7th. This is a day where supporters throughout the UK attend local, non-professional matches to support grass roots football. These smaller clubs are an important part of football culture, and they need as much attention as we can give them. If you can attend a match, please do. If you can also share that experience with a wider audience over Twitter, even better. It would be great if we could get live Twitter feeds from supporters at grounds all over the UK, and if we could get followers listening in from all over the world.

Please spread the word, and try the app if you have an iPhone!



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