Since releasing the update to the app, we've started looking to accelerate the growth of this project by making friends with other organizations beyond just the clubs that would use the app. 

1. Grassroot Media is a company that helps generate advertising revenue for amateur football and cricket clubs in the UK. They interviewed us for a piece in the next issue of the magazine they distribute to the clubs they're working with. You can reach them at @grassrootmedia.

2. 90 Minutes & More is a new magazine for football clubs in Scotland. We wrote a blog post for them, on the importance of Twitter for football clubs. They can be reached at @90minsmagazine.

3. Baltic Publications distributes several football magazines including @fcbusiness @shekicksdotnet and @nonleaguenews. They're helping us spread the word.

4. We've been in contact with @undertheleague again, who has been providing valuable feedback and great ideas for our next update, and who will be publishing an article about us on their site.

Here's to friends, old and new!